Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moonflower (written for Krystal)

Emerge from a fan of sheets; azurelaid, china clay and rice paper,
spine broke and beautifully worn
with my hand spread in the rich curve of your back;
pressing you down, stretching, folding you close
as if this were the end of the world.

Fingers, laced together like clever roots,
one being; tall, naked, wrapped in ourself.
In the quiet you cling to me; like Ipomoea
you feed me Sweet Potato and Water Spinach
and I suck wine from your lips.

Drunk, we lapse back into the leaves,
bruising them red with our footprints
so we will always find our way back
to the beginning.


c-merged said...

Woh, thicklicious.

jc said...

Beauty. The only problem I have is that I want more, more, more!

cara said...


qw said...

woooooo! love it