Friday, February 20, 2009

Maison des artistes in the FreeP.

Some of my curator work... click here

The link has been fixed.


wolfBoy said...

is it just my computer, or is there no post here?

qw said...

i can't find it either!

Denis said...

Thanks to the link fixer.

wolfBoy said...

horray for denis!

nice to see that space flourishing.

link fixer-upper said...

It is truly an amazing show. I'm amazed it was all created in 6 weeks.

I met Adrian last night and had a chance to talk with him a little...he's a like a cross between andrew courtnage and richard gere or something.
He's really nice.

Quitmoanez said...

Way to go Denis, front and centre, the space, the space, the space!