Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Metro Sectional

Video - Sean De Coste
Photos - Ditto fcuk
Audio - Foals- Big Big Love (fig.1)

A day in the Montreal metro system.
I love the constant flow of this city ....
Look at all those people.
Who are they?
Where they going?
Are they high?
Do they eat meat?
Do they ride the metro?
Yes! Yes they do.
Thank you Bebe Jayzoo!


wolfBoy said...

ha ha!

merçi bébé jesu!

this post is from my friend sean from work, who edited the videos i posted a while back. he's a new AlfA blogger.

also, he has serious problems, so don't do anything to upset him.

and this vid, btw, is very cool.

Irish said...

Thanks Pegleg!
You almost upstet me there.

c-dog said...

Cool, so, well, so Metro. :)

jc said...

ha, very nice. I miss the metro...you know, the jostling, the bustling and the good, old get out of my way attitudes.

word verif: terding

anita said...

haha, i'm afraid i adopted that attitude a long time ago. but what can i say, i want my seat.

The metro etiquette is funny. Everyone always stands on the right side of the escalator so that people in a hurry can run down on the left. If you space out and stand still on the left side people get so pissed off.

Also, its rude to wear your backpack on your back in the metro.

As an aside, today in the metro there was a mandolin player who was sitting in a big wooden boat, with a conch shell hanging from a fishing line to collect change. Wish i had my camera.

Great video, you should make more!

qw said...

hey any of you mtlers ever been to the pushap? it's at metro namur, 5195 rue Paré

anita said...

yeah, its delicious and cheap. :)