Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pancoe Ice Path Machine


cara said...

Human and machine become one...

cool pics.

c-dog said...

Pancoe's the best.

wolfBoy said...

i remember when I was working at the youth shelter, right across the river from where these pics were shot, and i went to the Forks for lunch and ran into the good lads Pancoe.

they were in the middle of this exact project.

they told me that, the day before, Dave had fallen in a hole in the ice, but since they were way far down the river from the Forks and their gear, they just did what, y'know, anyone would do-- pulled him out of the river, and then kept working.

ha ha ha.

i love that story. it says so much about these boys.

and is there ANYONE who knows them and isn't just a little bit in awe of them?

(mind you, we could ask that same question about the singing lady below...)

jc said...

and the hairy writer in Montreal...and the snowboarder painter in BC....or the...welll, I think you get my drift...Awe. Awwwwwwwww.